How Changing your Web Host Affects your SEO


Does changing your web hosting provider affects your SEO? The answer is absolutely. Hosting companies will most definitely have their servers located in a different location. The change of server location can easily affect your site’s search engine position.¬†¬†Below is a list of how changing your host can affect your SEO.

Loading speed

Each hosting companies may market themselves as one of the fastest hosts in the market, but don’t always take their word for it. Always find your new host’s strengths and weakness. Often larger hosting companies are hosting thousands of websites in a shared server. As many people know, shared servers can affect your site’s loading speed. If you’re sharing with thousands of sites, then your loading speed may be slower than usual. In this case, you may want to invest in a higher hosting package which tends to be in a dedicated server or a low-density server. A dedicated server means your website has its private server. A low-density server means your site is shared in a small group of other websites. Overall, if you want your site to load faster, you’ll need to stay away from a shared server.


When switching to a different hosting provider, your site may be down for a while due to DNS propagation. The DNS change may take up to 24 hours or more. During the time your site is down, this would’ve already affected your ranking. However, downtime can be prevented by creating a duplicate of your website on the new server and also leaving your site to run on the old host. You’ll need to keep your old host active until your DNS has propagated.

Server location

Google will use an IP address to determine the location of the website. In this case, you’ll need to ensure that you’re using a server located in the same country where you’re running the site. If your website is being held in a server that’s located in a different country, then this will highly affect your local and national rankings.

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