Does Page Load Time Affect Conversion Rates?

conversion and low speed websites

Firstly, think like a consumer. Think back and remember the frustration of waiting for a page to load, sitting there while nothing happened for more than 5 seconds. You ended up pressing ‘back’ and looked for a different website from the search results for a quicker response. To make a long story short, time is gold. Nobody likes to wait around and the whole point of searching or shopping online is that it’s supposed to be quick.

So how does it exactly affect conversion rates?

  • Sales – Up to 79% of dissatisfied customers stated that they are less likely to buy from a website due to poor performance. First impression is everything and a fast loading website is your first and probably most important hurdle. This will give users the indication of how the rest of your website will perform. If they’re unable to get to the first page, guaranteed they’ll be gone and less likely to come back.

  • Mobile Users – 64% of smartphone users expect a website to load in less than 4 seconds. People out and about, especially on commute to and from work, tend to use their mobile phones a lot more as distractions or if that’s their only window of opportunity to purchase something online.
  • Customer Expectations – 47% of customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less. Presume that people lack patience and build a website based on how quickly you expect a website should load when you search yourself. You’re highly likely to serve your customers better and acquire new ones in the process.
  • Speed vs Revenue – Without speed, your revenue suffers. If people keep leaving your website at the first hurdle, guaranteed you would not have made any sales. For example, if your website makes £100,000 a day, a 1 second improvement on page speed, brings £7000 daily.

time is money

How could a quick page load time help you?

A quick page load time can help you increase both your organic traffic and page views. It could also improve your search rankings by two positions so if you happen to be at the top of Google’s second page, you could land yourself on the first page just by having a quick loading website. Appearing on the first page is key to being seen by users as hardly anyone makes the effort to go beyond the first page.

Overall, you could be generating more revenue and attracting potential customers just by tweaking the speed of your website. It’s a no-brainer and an easy strategy to gain more for your business.

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