Does Page Load Time Affect Conversion Rates?

conversion and low speed websites

Firstly, think like a consumer. Think back and remember the frustration of waiting for a page to load, sitting there while nothing happened for more than 5 seconds. You ended up pressing ‘back’ and looked for a different website from the search results for a quicker response. To make a long story short, time is gold. Nobody likes to wait around and the whole point of searching or shopping online is that it’s supposed to be quick.

So how does it exactly affect conversion rates?

  • Sales – Up to 79% of dissatisfied customers stated that they are less likely to buy from a website due to poor performance. First impression is everything and a fast loading website is your first and probably most important hurdle. This will give users the indication of how the rest of your website will perform. If they’re unable to get to the first page, guaranteed they’ll be gone and less likely to come back.
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